Sunday, November 27, 2011

99 Report for Awopradio Sunday November 27th : Letter from NYC Protester's Mom

#OccupyCleveland NEEDS: Videocam and laptop ( theirs was stolen), also more winter wear, and they need visits, books, and company and do go down, they are wonderful folks. Every Sunday I give a 99 Report on Awopradio, this is the summary of that 15 minute report.::
(1) Best Video ever about Occupy called "One More Step" so beautiful, inspired by 84 yr old Dorli Rainey activist of Seattle.
(2) Letter by Protester's Mom Lorli Vest to Mayor Bloomberg and NYT about the Police Brutality. Please share this as of Nov27th still NO Newspapers have shared or printed this beautifully written letter.
(3) 99 Percent Blog has more to share about Occupy.
(4) #WhyWeOccupy : Sharing the Stats of the economic pain.
(5) The Full Length Video of "INSIDE JOB", narrated by Matt Damon has been making the rounds, and is a stunning film explaining the Economic Collapse and how the Corporate Greed and Ominous manuverings of the past 30 years brought us to this economic precipice, One of the finest documentary films I have ever seen.
(6) Please do help the OWS Zucotti Park Occupy as their Library was destroyed, learn more about where you can send books.

Monday, November 21, 2011

99 Report Nov.20: How to Explain OWS and Occupy To Relatives, The Stats

( Originally Posted For Thanksgiving Nov24th)
So this Thanksgiving I am going down to visit Occupy, take them some hot Turkey Sandwiches, and some winter goodies.( Many thanks to Bonni in Mass. who made incredible warm scarves for them...) and some mittens and gloves, cold medicine and I will be checking the medical bag. But it occurs to me that Thanksgiving is about families gathering and many won't get it, don't understand how many are damaged by this Economy and how it got this way.There is true economic pain that can be measured in Numbers. So here are some to share as you pass the gravy. ( If you follow me on Twitter you know I do this #WhyWeOccupy hashtag every couple of days to educate folks.) So here are some of the Facts.

The STATS ::: America :::
(1) 50 Million are still without Healthcare ( due to loss of jobs,States HighRisk Pools pricing folks out)
(2) 46 Million Living in Poverty ( this Number includes Working Poor)
(3) 49 Million On Food Stamps
(4) 22 Million Children living in Poverty
(5) One in four Children going to bed hungry every night
(6) 29 Million UnEmployed and UnderEmployed
(7) 14 Million of our Elderly Living in Poverty
(8) 47,000 Dying Without Healthcare per year
(9) 235,000 Vets returning from Warzones to NO Job
(10) Vet Unemployment rate consistantly at 29%
(11) 600,000 Vets Sleeping on the Streets each night
(12) 26,000 Vets Lost Homes 2010 ( some while serving overseas)
(13) 18 Vets commit suicide per day
(14) 8 Million Homes Lost In Foreclosure in past 3 years
(15) 62% of All Home Loss in Foreclosure due to Medical Debt

Sunday, November 13, 2011

99 Report ( Thanksgiving) Focus on OWS Library, Police Brutality ( Info from 3 seperate Posts)

99 Report on November 13th Focus:::
(1) OWS Library
(2) Police Brutality and Dorli Rainey in Seattle Originally posted on Watergate Summer
(3) Medical Advice : Pepper Spray For Occupy Protesters

OWS Library and how to give back

Zucotti Park Occupy Site had an amazing Library of more than 5000 books on so many subjects, from Peace Leaders and Non Violence Training and Economics and even health eating and childrens books and Pet Care. When the Camp was raided at 3:30 AM Very Late Monday Night ( early Tuesday Morning) Much of the camp was destroyed or scooped up and put into the trash dumpsters that came. Tents were slashes and pulled apart and belongings thrown away. It had been set up in a Tent donated by rocker Patti Smith.

There are some items that are still being searched for including the Bike Powered power generators and the Professional Drums and yes The Library.At first it was said it was destroyed in all the confusion this seemed likely, and the protesters were given less than 10minutes warning and were asleep, so there was not time to gather that many books. And then later yesterday the Mayors Office said that the books were moved to a storage area, but the photo showed only a few hundred books. So on Twitter the cry went up to Rebuild the Library and yes, you can ship them to NYC. Here is more about how to Ship them, So let's all give to the People's Library, here's the link, let's get busy sending them Zinn, Mandela, MLK etc etc... You can also go help retrieve the ones that Sanitation Dept stored.

The UPS Store
Re: Occupy Wall Street
Attn: The People’s Library
118A Fulton St. #205
New York, NY 10038
(via Occupy Wall Street Library Blog)

Here is the People's Library blog and they also explain that they need help rebuilding the Library and Retrieving the Books from the Sanitation Storage Locker. And if you are on Twitter you can follow here, @OWSLibrary (The People's Library). UPDATE :: Today People did go and try to retrieve the Library, and you can read their blogpost that the Mayor's Tweet that the library was "saved" is not true, only a little of it was saved and a good bit of it is gone forever and other books that were saved are damaged. They are still doing inventory at the Sanitation Garage as of 1PM.

*** Here is more from last Night when the Mayor's Office issued statement about the People's Library and that it was stored or part of it was stored, LA Times has more details about the Situation. If you can help them retrieve the books please contact the twitter address above.
The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC also covered the Peoples's Library Tuesday Nov15th:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


So the day after the Raid of Zucotti Park, teams of people with vehicles went to the Sanitation Garage to retrieve the Library that the Mayor had claimed via a Tweet had been saved and taken to the Garage. These photos are what is left of the OWS Library. Gone are all the Shelves of books and materials, even the Reference Library and the Kids Library. 5500 Books, the Laptops that kept track of everything. These photos show only a few hundred books and a damaged chair. When Books are treated like Garbage we are indeed in Dark Times. I do ask that you read the attached websites and do find a way to give or send books. ( I personally think we should all mail copies of "1984" to the Mayor's Office). Books had been donated from all over and even autographed and sent, so we need to Rebuild what was truly a wonderful thing. Libraries have been closing all over, but that Librarians worked so hard to make this a REAL Library is beyond heroic. ( And the Librarians were even Jailed that night as well.) Please do what you can to Help this Noble Cause.