Friday, May 11, 2012

The 99 Report Radio Show for Friday May 11th Welcomes Maysoon Zayid

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At about 2:10PM we will have Maysoon Zayid on the 99 Report. We are so lucky to have her on the show. We will be talking to her about a variety of issues, we are so lucky to have this extraordinary thoughtful woman on the show to share. She is a Writer, Commentator and Comedian. I think many of us loved seeing her on Countdown , and would love to hear more from her, especially in these trying times. Her humor is wise and insightful. As an American Woman,as a Muslim, a Palestinian she is educating and advocating and helping derail ignorance (islamophobia ) with her Humor and Perspective.....On her BIO on her site, the first thing that is mentioned is that she is a Humanitarian, critical in these times of Broken Compassion. ( Her Website, has more as well. )

I hope to ask her about her current work, projects and her program Maysoon's Kids, a scholarship and health program that assists Disabled and wounded Refugee Children and orphans. And also find out more about her Screenplay "Law" and her recent Comedy tours, what she saw and learned. We will be discussing her thoughts on the current ongoing war on Women, and the current political landscape, and much more...

You can follow her on twitter @MaysoonZayid and her website and

Show also will include Power of Five, Occupy Compassion, #MittHappens and another MOCfrom Lee Camp, as well as some new music.
Dennis Campbell will join us at 3PM and share with us about his New Book about the War on Women called the Vagina Wars. ( He is a known journalist who has been on our show before, and shared with us about his other two books, Lipstick on this Pig and also the wonderful Egypt Unshackled.)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

99 Report for 2PM EST May 4th BlogtalkRadio : Col.Barry Wingard on to share more about GITMO and the Prisoners He Represents

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As someone who as a Nurse supported Occupy Cleveland I feel compelled to make a statement about the People I met as a part of Occupy here, and the recent Bomb Plot that unfolded this week, and how people are concerned that Anarchy is taking hold of the Movement. I am speaking out as a True 99 Percenter who is worried about the Occupy Movement.

#QuestionOfTheWeek : If anyone knows how to utilize the New Blogger, I need help with LINKS. So get in touch with me if you can.

(2) Lee Camp Moment of Clarity #137 This Week:
Do see his website and his Moments of Clarity and His Tour, ( Scotland, Wales, and NYC and Wisconsin etc.)


(3) Guest This week is Col. Barry Wingard ::
He will be sharing about GITMO and he will be sharing about his recent trips to Kuwait, London and Afghanistan and the 2 Prisoners he represents at GITMP. Please do read more about these Prisoners reading about them, the Facebook pages are "Free Fayiz and Fawzi" and "Abdul Ghani.

99 Report is proud to have Barry Wingard on show at 2:10PM EST #BTR to discuss his work with GITMO detainees. We also hope that we have an opportunity to discuss NDAA with him as well. ( From Huffpo) Barry D Wingard is a Lieutenant Colonel representing Fayiz al-Kandari. He began his career in the Army as an enlisted infantryman and then an infantry officer. Currently he is a Judge Advocate General (JAG) in the Air Force, has served 26 years and is a veteran of both Bosnia and Iraq conflicts. The views expressed are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of DOD or its Components. We have set a whole show aside to take Questions and allow Barry to discuss GITMO and the prisoners there. I am encouraging people to call in as well as Send Questions via email or on Twitter @watergatesummer. Barry really wants to have a vibrant discussion. Personally I think we should be talking about GITMO and why it is still open and why Prisoners are still there 10 years ago.

This article by Barry, The War On Terror : Beyond the Military ( Huffpo July 2010)

Article about Barry's Work and Writings (TPM)
WIKI bio on Barry and his work as VET and an attorney.

Really Stunning Interview with Barry regarding his GITMO work in CagePrisoners. A Must read into the extraordinary work of this fine Military Lawyer.

More on Faiz his client from the NYT Gitmo Docket....

Fayiz Mohammed Ahmed Al Kandari's Facebook Page, is the Kuwaiti Prisoner that Barry Wingard represents, please share it and his story. He is at GITMO for over 10 years, basically because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time....doing charity work.....Sitting in Prison...Our Prison..based on hear say of hear say...It's Unfathomable...please get the word out.

Andy Worthington's article on Fayiz is a must read....

Here is the Facebook page of Abdul Ghani the other client that Barry Wingard represents.

Barry was a guest on Awopradio on Sunday Feb 3, 2012 , you can read more about his appearance here or link to the Podcast /USTREAM of that show and hear the dialogue on GITMO and the prisoners. We hope to follow up on this discussion on the 99 Report and learn more about the Prisoners.


(1) Dennis Trainer's New Documentary "American Autumn " ( Blogger has changed settings so I am not sure how to add the link). But do follow him on Twitter and check out the links to his Film. The Film is due out in June 2012. LINK :!home|BlankPage_0,

Here is the Preview for the Film,

(2) I am sharing a story about a Sugar Hill GA woman who is in danger of losing her home because of Medical Care and Medical Bills while their family fights Childhood Cancer, LINK:,

(3) NYT,, Article on how Warrant Squads were used to monitor Occupy and Wallstreet Protesters.

(4) Tax Me For &*Xk!!'s Sake by Stephen King, is a must read and must share for the Week,LINK: ,

(5) Dennis Campbell's New Book about the War On out and is a MUST read and share. The Vagina Wars is a Must Read......

Huge Shout Out to Radio Or Not Nicole Sandler, Shane and Danielle of Talking Left, and Tim Corrimal and Kenny Pick and also Cliff Shecter at WeActRadio. Music Today by FOLD , and "Gotta Believe" by TruNDeed and Sanara Pippens and more.