Friday, May 11, 2012

The 99 Report Radio Show for Friday May 11th Welcomes Maysoon Zayid

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At about 2:10PM we will have Maysoon Zayid on the 99 Report. We are so lucky to have her on the show. We will be talking to her about a variety of issues, we are so lucky to have this extraordinary thoughtful woman on the show to share. She is a Writer, Commentator and Comedian. I think many of us loved seeing her on Countdown , and would love to hear more from her, especially in these trying times. Her humor is wise and insightful. As an American Woman,as a Muslim, a Palestinian she is educating and advocating and helping derail ignorance (islamophobia ) with her Humor and Perspective.....On her BIO on her site, the first thing that is mentioned is that she is a Humanitarian, critical in these times of Broken Compassion. ( Her Website, has more as well. )

I hope to ask her about her current work, projects and her program Maysoon's Kids, a scholarship and health program that assists Disabled and wounded Refugee Children and orphans. And also find out more about her Screenplay "Law" and her recent Comedy tours, what she saw and learned. We will be discussing her thoughts on the current ongoing war on Women, and the current political landscape, and much more...

You can follow her on twitter @MaysoonZayid and her website and

Show also will include Power of Five, Occupy Compassion, #MittHappens and another MOCfrom Lee Camp, as well as some new music.
Dennis Campbell will join us at 3PM and share with us about his New Book about the War on Women called the Vagina Wars. ( He is a known journalist who has been on our show before, and shared with us about his other two books, Lipstick on this Pig and also the wonderful Egypt Unshackled.)

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