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The 99 Report Radio Show for Friday 2/24/12 : More on the GOP War On Women...

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This Episode does focus on the current GOP war on Women and their insufferable attempt to turn Women into their New Minority Target of Choice. The Message that is being sent to Women and our Girls and young women is that their health and well being and their bodies are merely Baby or Sperm Vessels. It is a deplorable, pathetic Power Play, it is yet another way for them to Hate Monger and Fear Monger, it shows that they don't respect Women or our Bodies or our Minds or Well Being.I am concerned why our Health and Self Esteem should not be given some serious Consideration.But the language and disrespect that is being shown is not like anything that we have seen in our lifetime.
I wrote a longer post over at Watergate Summer, About Why Women Matter that has more on this issue and why maybe we really need a March On DC for Women. Two weeks ago I did focus on the need for Planned Parenthood to be defended for the Medical Care they provide, yet now the insanity has reached new lows as the Congress held a special hearing on Contraception last week with Religious leaders. As a Nurse I am horrified by the ignorance that is being displayed and peddled as to the health needs of Women and our Bodies.

(1) What happened to Separation of Church and State ? And why is no one even mentioning that issue.
(2) What is the message that we are sending to young women and girls about their worth and their bodies ?
(3) Why is the Media being allowed to frame this as a Religious Issue, when it is about Women's Rights and Our Health ?

The Contraception "Religious" Hearing in Congress last week 2/17/12

Elijah Cummings and Ms. Mahoney speak out about the "Contraception" hearing with the Religious Leaders. ( Mr.Cummings part got very little airplay, and I want him heard, as he speaks out beautifully about the importance of Contraception in our History. Why the Congress is allowed to have such a hearing as it clearly violates Church And State Integrity, and why they are allowed to have hearings about Women's health and Medical care with Religious leaders is beyond me. I keep waiting for a Hearing on the Benefits of Leaches and Witch Doctors.) The audio for this is included in the program 4 minutes.

DO read William Rivers Pitt's Post called "To My Mother" in Truthout, it is an excellent read and so well spoken about the latest GOP antics....

Marguarita Hibbs on FB has been forwarding a Petition for protecting Women's Access to Birth Control and Medical Care. Sign on and share this Link.
The wonderful Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity this week is really special. "“The Right Wing Is Taking Rights Away From Women, But Were They Really Using Them?” – M.O.C. #118( 4min) You must see more on his website and his link is in the Sidebar.
The Next part of the Show I try to give OCCUPY and 99 Percenters doing amazing work a Shout and some attention. It is also a way of Occupying Compassion, sharing and helping each other.

(2) FREAK OUT NATION BY JANE DOE- @anonmaly100
(3) Tim Corrimal Show, @timcorrimal on Twitter
(4) David Pakman Show, @davidpakmanshow ( His latest with Interview of Elizabeth Warren is a Must See. )
(5) Denise Romano 's Book is called the HR Toolkit and is available via McGraw Hill and is written to help people be empowered when battling Workplace Issues.
Please do follow her on Twitter @deniseromano
(6) 7 Habits of Highly Frugal People.
(7) Really beautiful post about 43 yr old Anthony Shadid's death last week in Syria. We have lost a wonderful journalist.
(8) Local Cleveland @mildlyrevelant does a great news segment -do check him out.
(9) @KeithSmooth ( Keith Balmer ) his latest post, Really insightful post, "Down The Lonely Dark Road Of Addiction" ( and yes it is about Whitney Houston and her death.)
(10) Paul Krugmans'Post at Alternet about the Europe's leader's tanked it's Economy through moralizing and the austerity Fantasy...

(1) On Facebook : Do see the "Occupy Wall Street Online Family
(2) In a 325-Page SEC Letter, Occupy's Finance Gurus Take on Wall Street Lobbyists Think the Occupy movement is just a bunch of dirty hippies? Well, keep reading.

(3) I have a very sad, frustrating update to read regarding Arturo Lo Santos, I will read the latest update. ( Occupy LA and Occupy Riverside and other Occupy Groups in CA are trying to fight Chase and Freddie Mac are trying to help this ex marine keep his home).
College Campuses are starting to focus on Tuition Strikes, and that is including schools all over including Florida, California, Oregon and Canada. Also Certain States are looking at Strikes and Protests focused on Our Profitable Prison System. So check with your area and see what is going on....

(5) #OccupyCompassion of the Week:
Hope4Women Org,that is helping women in impoverished nations, so it is about women helping women, but is also about helping little girls as well. They have started a project making dresses from pillowcases, really inspiring story and it's helping women and little girls in other countries have Self Esteem.
Ninety Nine Ways to Give:::
(1) Support Work for Americans, This is an American company that makes only American products, shipping here and also hiring American Workers, Manchester Wood is focused on its workers and it's products.
(2) Beagle Freedom Project is saving dogs from being Pharmaceutical Guinea pigs. Learn more, and give if you can.


This Week's guest at 2:30PM is Reverend Ladonna Blaylock a known,loved respected figure here in Cleveland. She is working to improve lives of women here in Cleveland and has many projects ongoing that are focusing on Women and their living conditions and self esteem. In light of the recent ongoing attacks on Women's Rights I am having her on to discuss Women, as well as ongoing projects of her organization of GBG. ( The organization is Goddesses Blessing Goddesses is working to improve lives of women and help them reclaim and refocus their lives.
Music for the Show::
Music at the Start of the Show is by MamaShine 99%" For What it is Worth" ( remake/remix for the 99% of the Classic Buffalo Springfield song.)


Music this week is by TruNDeed and Sanara. I know Sanara Pippins and she offered this song, as it's inspiring , hopeful, truthful. "Gotta Believe".

Political Song of the Week " Mutt Romney Sings the Blues" (Brave New Films)

Mitt Loves Trees...Political Humor...Not Wisdom
Art : "Woman Looking in the Mirror" by Faith Ringgold 1966
And a Special Message to Mr.Foster Freize, I am too ladylike to tell you where you can stick your Aspirin.
Occupy Amazing....

Occupy is still waking people up, making them think, work for change, create is still a global movement...And yes, Winter in some ways has quieted the movement on some fronts...But Spring is Coming....Really Beautiful video...share it. Occupy Compassion.

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99 Report for Valentines Week : Home is Where the Heart Is.....

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Photo This Week From Occupy Canada.......
On Twitter many nights I say " Be good To each other...Occupy Compassion..We Are all we've got". Part of this Show is to get us all talking to each other and Dialogue can help heal and work towards Solutions for the 99 Percent. If you want to call in I would be happy to take your call. Listener Dial In Number: 646-564-9906.

Today's Show has 2 Guests :
Lee Camp at 2:10 PM to talk about his Work, Website and New Book.( as well as we will be talking about his segments being added to the show... Please do see the post below about Lee, his Comedy and work.)He will be contributing a Moment Of Clarity Every Week to the Show....Next Week Tune in to the First Episode ( #117) "We Are Nothing, You can go to his Website and see the Video Now, it's in the Side Bar. Also do See him LIVE tomorrow Night in NYC at the Bowery 10PM where he is recording his New CD. Please do see the Post below and read more about him, he is truly fighting the Good Fight and Waking People Up....

And at 2:30PM Kristina English of American Family's Housing in California is coming on to share about their Program. And maybe all of us, no matter where we live can share some of this Program's fine ideas with our own Communities.It's really helpful to talk to a Homeless Advocate and realize how many Families are impacted during these economic times, but that there are programs that are working.


Welcome to the 99 Report for Valentines Week 2012 ( you can listen in on BlogTalkRadio Link on Sidebar). This week I am focusing the show on Homelessness, that is why the Show is called Home is Where the Heart is. I currently live in Cleveland where the Foreclosure Crisis has hit particularly hard leaving 30,000 Homes empty. Yet we also have a Homeless Problem just like many other cities and towns in the United States. The estimates for Homeless here are 6-10,000 per night.

This includes all kinds of people Elderly, young, VETS,Working Poor and even families. The Occupy Site downtown has been working hard to try to educate people about Foreclosure issues and Homeless issues, by helping to Re-Occupy Homes and also seeking empty Buildings to Claim and re-occupy. Here in Cleveland some of the other focus has also been on what the Foreclosure Crisis has done to entire neighborhoods leaving structures empty, increasing crime rates and even leading to Vandalism of properties to take Pipe for the Metal. ( We call them Metal Men and they have flourished here for years.) The danger is that the Empty Buildings then pose new risks of hazards including risks of fires and explosions.

Families can not stay in most shelters as they are Gender Specific, so you will see families sleeping in cars at the end of the Street or in Church Parking lots. By talking to these families, I really began to realize that we need better transitional housing and also Shelter for Families. If you are part of a Church I do encourage you to find ways to get others in the Community Involved. There is a Church near me that every year holds Free Rummage Sales -where families can get Coats in Winter and also School Supplies and Clothes. Some of these same churches hold Pancake and Fish and Spaghetti Dinners and ask for Donations of Clothing, Toys and other items. This creates a circle of giving.

Homelessness The Stats :::
This This Crooks and Liars Article will take your breath away, but is a Must read.... 3.5 Million Homeless and 18.5 Million Vacant Homes in the US. ( And if the Homeless Stats are correct, that also does mean that the 600,000 to 900,000 Vets Homeless on the Streets at night may indeed be accurate.) Do read the Crooks&Liars article by Diane Sweet, it is sobering....And if OCCUPY in in your town is working on Foreclosure Issues, or Occupying Banks etc, give them a hand. Or also give help to your local Homeless Shelters....and Soup Kitchens. As my neighbor said, " This is like the 30's only there should be Soup Kitchens."

...About Our American History.....
If we look at our own History of our Country, in times of War and Economic Hardship we still managed to Create Jobs, Infrastructure and take care of our own. This is the First time in our History, due to Gross Greed and bloated Corporate Profits that the Rich have been so coddled by Government Leaders ( GOP etc) and the Media. And it is time to start Truthtelling. Do read this Telegraph Article that has photos from the 30's and 40s showing growth in spite of Economic Plight.
(Video made in 2008) Homelessness.... I made this with Agit-Diaries Mandt in 2008, after years of watching Bush Pillage our Economy.At this point it bears repeating we don't just have Hungry People we have Homeless people and people who need Shelter. 600-900,000 VETS on the street per Night. We also have up to 3.5 Million Homeless per year in our Country, while 18.5 Buildings and Homes are EMPTY.

VET Issues related to Homelessness

(1) VET Issues : Homelessness and Foreclosure Issues ( and Help that they need to know about and needs to be shared). Many of the Occupy Sites are focusing on Homelessness and the Foreclosure Crisis. Some of the Sites are also looking at the Questionable Tactics being used against Homeowners in the Foreclosure Process. I am bringing up an Added Interest to share with Occupy Sites that needs Closer Scrutiny, including Our Military Members Serving overseas facing Foreclosure and coming home to Lost Homes. One of the first Occupy Cleveland people I met was a Vet who had lost his home while serving Overseas. So tonight I am presenting some data on this issue, as it needs closer Examination and News Coverage.

According to the Data and Articles located the stats vary widely,but 25,000 Serving Vets lost their homes due to Foreclosure in 2010,and of that Number 5,000 while serving, meaning they came home to NO HOME. The past five years 10-25,000 lost homes per year. That means during the last 5 years of Battles being fought in 2 war zones, that anywhere from 90-120,000 Vets lost Homes during the Foreclosure Crisis.And I think it is fine that Congress should be aware and working on this situation, but I am clueless why the DOJ and Holder are not working on it. I encourage folks to write to BOTH for the sake of our Military serving and VETS, and their families. It is estimated that there are over 600,000 Vets sleeping on the streets every night. I am encouraging people to write to their County and City reps and encourage that Housing be made available to them, via Empty Buildings and Homes.
(1) Help for VETS is available at this site, National Coalition for the Homeless VETS, the stats on this site are not accurate, but there is help listed there, as well as workshops, job fairs etc.
(2) More than 8% of all Homeless are Vets, and the stats may even be higher as the VETS are not known for accessing services, from food to shelter, and PTSD also may be limiting who is getting services and care. This PDF does have some worrisome numbers though.National Homeless Org is trying to track their numbers.
(3) More from Think Progress on Homeless VETS, again more on the actual numbers and needs and what needs more focus.
I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?~~Mother Teresa
Organizations that are Providing Relief and Services for the Homeless:::

(1) "Way Back Inn" in King County WA is doing amazing work helping Homeless Families get back on their feet. They help with the Basics, even including bedding, hygiene and kitchen ware. They also help the families to regain their footing and the housing provided is for up to 90 days, while employment and more permanent housing is sought.

(2) Shelter for the Homeless another organization that works with Homeless Families in California. American Family Housing is another Organization that is helping families with Housing and Home needs. Their Contact Info : Call 714-897-3221 or email

Our 2nd Guest on the Show today at 2:3PM EST is Kristina English of this fine Organization, American Family Housing ( founded in 1985) sharing about their work with Homeless and how their Organization working with their County in California is working to help the Homeless and Working Poor. Their Work could be a template for other cities and towns around the country....

(3) This Website, called Don't Almost Give.Org has lists of Organizations that are helping families with Food and Shelter.

National Center on Homelessness is a fine organization that is trying to track and also work on finding solutions for Homeless. Their particular Focus is also on Children. Last year alone 1.6 Million children were homeless in the United States ( that they were able to track). ( On another note if you think you could work to help this fine organization they are hiring.
Budget Saver for the Week:: Food for the week from @SethP23 on Twitter and his Vegan Blog -Vegan ESP, has a wonderful Bean and Rice Recipe from Wed. 2/15 do check it out....
Music for this Week's Show :::
Music by MamaShine "For What It's Worth"


And the Fine new song by Sharon Bautista, a Nurse, Singer, Songwriter, who supports OccupyLA ( and a fine New Yorker too) and her song " I Sold My Guitar Today". She has a lovely voice, she reminds me of so many fine singers, her ballad quality reminds me of Janis Ian, and yet her voice reminds me of Wendy Waldman or Karla Bonoff. I am grateful she said I could play her song on this show. You can find her on Twitter at @sassysongstress.

"Way Back Inn" by James P.Morrison ( off his CD "Son to The Boy"). You can find him on Twitter at @JamesPMorrison . You may know him as a fine actor ( and yes he was on 24), but he also is a fine Musician, Artist and very insightful. You can see more at his Website and also order his CD. His website has more about his projects work and you can order his CD. I thank him, he did graciously give permission for me to play the song on the show, and I did tell him why I chose this song for this week.
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."~Mother Teresa

Lee Camp....A New Contributor to the 99 Report

I am beyond grateful, Lee has offered us his insights, his rants, his wisdom, so once a week I will include them on the #99Report. And today we are going to talk with him a bit, hear more about his works and comedy and his Book.Lee Camp is a stand-up comic. ...Sometimes people make him write things too. He was recently on Showtime's series "The Green Room with Paul Provenza" along with Roseanne and Bob Saget - watch that below. He is a Contributor to The Onion, creator of "Moment of Clarity," performed at a dozen Occupy encampments in the US and Canada, been on Showtime's "The Green Room," "Good Morning America," Comedy Central, and others... He was called one of the best New Faces at the Montreal Comedy Festival; he ran for president on Comedy Central's "Fresh Debate '08"; and he's done comedic commentary on PBS, E! network, SpikeTV, MTV, and ABC's "Good Morning America." He's featured in the new bestseller "Satiristas!" with the likes of George Carlin, Bill Maher, and Stephen Colbert. Lee also provided a catharsis for millions of people when he went live on Fox News and called the network a "parade of propaganda and a festival of ignorance." Sign up for Lee's e-mails and check out his tour schedule, audio clips, and videos at ( You can also follow him on Twitter @leecamp).

( This Write up is From Mike Desafano's website....and you can read more here and his BIO on his website and do see the Video from Kelly Carlin...and personally he really does remind me of George Carlin.....)

(1) More on his BIO ( or here )

(2) Read More about his Book Moments of Clarity ( And you can also order it on Amazon.

(3) And also go to his Web Series is wonderful....

(4) Go SEE LEE LIVE...Tomorrow Night, Saturday Night 10 PM at the Bowery in NYC he is recording his New CD....

(5) Every week I will be adding his Moments of Clarity to the Show...Go to his Website and see Episode 117 " We Are Nothing" It is Moving, riveting, Funny and touching...And damn Truthful....Next Week it will be part of the Show...Lee is Waking Folks Up and Touching hearts and making all of us Think Harder....
Here is Lee Camp recently on Showtime's series "The Green Room with Paul Provenza" along with Roseanne,Sandra Bernhard and Bob Saget - watch that here :

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The 99 Report Radio Show for Friday Feb10 at 2PM : Focus on Women's Health, Breast Cancer, and Health Care Provided by Planned Parenthood

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As Women we all have been watching the KOMEN Planned Parenthood Battle. I think many of us as Women feel that Women's health is under attack by the GOP. And the KOMEN grant issue threw it all into focus quickly, spotlighting what happens when a Political Agenda enters the realm of actual Health Care. So this Month as the First Month of the 99 Report Radio Show, one of my main focuses here is Health Issues, and at this point Women's Health needs our attention.

I do have a Guest coming on this episode to share her Breast Cancer Story and you will quickly learn why Mammograms at Free Clinics and Planned Parenthood are so critical in this Economy. My Guest is Kathleen Bird, this post in the Times of Trenton about KOMEN by Kathleen Bird, really tells it like it is....but also reveals her own very personal Breast Cancer Battle. I am going to let her tell her Story and then open up the Lines so folks can share their Breast Cancer Stories and Planned Parenthood Stories.

***** The Guest Kathleen Bird will come on another show....she needed more time to recover from Surgery...we need to send her our good thoughts as she starts her cancer battle**********

Link to the Blog Talk 99 Report Radio Show , Show Starts at Friday 2PM and Interview will start approximately at 2:15PM I will take calls after the Interview with our Guest Kathleen Bird, First I want her to be able to share her story with us and be heard. And then after that I will be opening up the phone lines Call in number to speak with host and share (646) 564-9906.
Kathleen Bird is a former mayor and member of the Hopewell Township Committee, state government communications professional and an award-winning journalist. She is currently unemployed, uninsured and homeless. She will stay with friends until her cancer treatment is completed. Reach her at ( She is having surgery this week, on Thursday, but she does want to do the show if she is able.)
{1} Earlier this week on Sunday Awopradio Perry @Mommapolitico in her Kitchen Table Politics segment about Komen and the Planned Parenthood Battle, and there is an excellent post and she also presented other fine Organizations that support raise funds for Breast Cancer. (Snippet Below is all from @Mommapolitico's post last Sunday on Kitchen Table Politics at Awopradio.

(1) Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (they use a hot pink, a magenta so they don’t get sued by Komen!) They also have a great link that tells where the money goes in each community that raises it.

(2) The American Cancer Society The original group fighting breast and other cancers. Check out the bottom of the page, a list of links of ways to contribute. Can’t help with cash? How about donating those air miles you never get around to using?
National Breast Cancer Foundation A highly-rated charitable foundation, they’ve partnered with many companies to use their products to support the cause.

(4) Y-ME Breast Cancer Support 24-7 hotline manned by women who have survived cancer, available to talk to women fighting breast cancer. 1-800-221-2141. Their statement:

{2} MsLori 's website also has 5 More Sites that are raising funds for Research and Breast Cancer Care, And is very helpful, it has 3 Organizations that get very little public attention.
{3} Article about PINK RIBBONS the Documentary coming out and the Pink Ribbon Charities....and how their fundraising tactics may have not only raised funds but taken advantage of women's fears and concerns....


{4} What Breast Cancer Is and Is Not, a Message for KOMEN from a Courageous Breast Cancer Survivor.....

{5} And Finally I wanted to share Stephen Dimmick with you, he has a Blog and also presents daily videos, and he is a Make Up Artist, but he also helps people learn to be good to themselves and feel better about themselves,his blog is an Oasis,
it is a place to go to feed the soul. It is a good place for Women with Cancer and any Illnesses or Conditions to learn to cope and feel better with the Physical Challenges that they face and still feel good about themselves. His videos help women reclaim the Beauty inside....
And finally Planned Parenthood still needs our support and also please do go to their website and see the section about Mammograms and Cancer Screenings. Remember they also are helping women with their healthcare needs , including Pap Smears and Cervical Cancer Screenings.

Ezra Klein this week reposted with this great chart WHAT Planned Parenthood DOE and Doesn't sure to share with friends...and others, remember to be sure to set them straight on the Actual funds spread on Abortion Less than 3%, and no Federal funds, they provide so much Healthcare for Million of Women...
There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. ~~Washington Irving
I lovingly dedicate this show to my Grandmother Mimi, who went through so much and was diagnosed too first Hospice patient while I was in Nursing School....I still miss her....Breast Cancer is a horrible disease....We all have women in our lives , we need to make sure that all women have access to the Best Medical Care Possible and remind those you love that Mammograms can save Lives.....

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99 Report for First Week February ....( Feb3rd and Feb5th)

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First 99 Report Radio show is on February 3 , 2-3 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio
And here is the Actual LINK to the BlogTalkRadio Page for the #99Report Show.

This is the very first 99 Report Show, It will air on Fridays on BlogTalkRadio 2-3 PM. ( Eventually I will be adding another hour 3-4 PM for Callers to call in about Jobs, and sharing concerns. There are no shows where people can Share and Network for Jobs, and I want to somehow offer that.) The Show is an extension of the 99 Report from Sundays, focusing on Issues of the 99%, and also giving a Voice for the 99 %. The same issues will be the focus, UnEmployed, UnderEmployed, Healthcare, Foreclosure, Student Debt, VET issues, etc. I also will be adding Occupy reports from sites and focusing on issues relating to Occupy including Legal reports and Police Brutality issues.

The First Show was focused on Healthcare Issues of the Week Susan G.Komen VS Planned Parenthood. Sadly this week we watched a known respected Charity slam Planned Parenthood by cancelling Grants to Planned Parenthood that are used for Cancer Screening. SGK claims that this decision was made due to a witch hunt phoney congressional Right Wing Congressional Investigation, yet most people recognize that it was a Decision that was Politically Driven. There was a massive uproar on the Internet, via Twitter and Facebook and Blogs, and the Reaction was quick and effective. Within 48 hours SGK regretted their decision and issued a reversal. It's important that folks spread the word about Planned Parenthood and their longtime work. For over 80 years they have cared for millons of women. 70% of the Women they provide care and services are Working Poor, and Planned Parenthood provides healthcare to women, reproductive care and other healthcare services. 17% of PP's services include Cancer Screening, 8 % other Healthcare Services. It is time that people recognize and advocate for the Health Services that PP provides ( cancer screening, prenatal care, infection testing, STD/AIDS/HIV screening and testing, hormonal therapy, as well as post natal care and services. is WIC). The Best Article on this issue is by Lizz Winstead in The Guardian Is a Must Read and Share.

(1) 2010 Fact Sheet on Planned Parenthood
(2) Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet
Hunger in America is a real issue, in spite of the GOP making disparaging remarks about Food Stamps in America. Jan.29th 99 Report was focused on Food Stamps, 49 Million On Food Stamps, with 70% Working Poor needing the Food Stamps Program. If anything with so many UnEmployed and UnderEmployed in America, the Mininum wage structure really needs to be re-evaluated.

Ann Fuller was my First Guest, I had her on to discuss their Family's situation fighting Brain Cancer for the past four years with their son AJ who is nine. I wanted her to be able to share about Living and fighting Childhood Cancer every day, and their family is now pursuing a new Gene treatment that is available in Texas. As AJ is now being treating for new tumor sites including in his abdoman, lymph nodes and bone, the family is really trying to explore all options for AJ, who is really a very remarkable little boy. The Fuller Family and raising money for Texas.... Ann and Adam are a Military Family and their little boy AJ has been fighting a very rare Brain Cancer for over 4 years, and Awopradio folks helped give this family a Christmas, I am speaking up on their behalf again as they pursue a New Treatment down in Texas. ( This link is to the post I wrote about them in December, it has links to the Mom Ann's post about this treatment. ) I will post their ADDRESS in the COMMENTS if you wish to send them financial help or even just cards of good cheer.

Here is a Fundraising Site for the Fullers and AJ that is easy to use ( similiar to PayPal).
Music by MamaShine "For What It's Worth"

John Clark " Hope In Hard Times"