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The 99 Report Radio Show for Friday 2/24/12 : More on the GOP War On Women...

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This Episode does focus on the current GOP war on Women and their insufferable attempt to turn Women into their New Minority Target of Choice. The Message that is being sent to Women and our Girls and young women is that their health and well being and their bodies are merely Baby or Sperm Vessels. It is a deplorable, pathetic Power Play, it is yet another way for them to Hate Monger and Fear Monger, it shows that they don't respect Women or our Bodies or our Minds or Well Being.I am concerned why our Health and Self Esteem should not be given some serious Consideration.But the language and disrespect that is being shown is not like anything that we have seen in our lifetime.
I wrote a longer post over at Watergate Summer, About Why Women Matter that has more on this issue and why maybe we really need a March On DC for Women. Two weeks ago I did focus on the need for Planned Parenthood to be defended for the Medical Care they provide, yet now the insanity has reached new lows as the Congress held a special hearing on Contraception last week with Religious leaders. As a Nurse I am horrified by the ignorance that is being displayed and peddled as to the health needs of Women and our Bodies.

(1) What happened to Separation of Church and State ? And why is no one even mentioning that issue.
(2) What is the message that we are sending to young women and girls about their worth and their bodies ?
(3) Why is the Media being allowed to frame this as a Religious Issue, when it is about Women's Rights and Our Health ?

The Contraception "Religious" Hearing in Congress last week 2/17/12

Elijah Cummings and Ms. Mahoney speak out about the "Contraception" hearing with the Religious Leaders. ( Mr.Cummings part got very little airplay, and I want him heard, as he speaks out beautifully about the importance of Contraception in our History. Why the Congress is allowed to have such a hearing as it clearly violates Church And State Integrity, and why they are allowed to have hearings about Women's health and Medical care with Religious leaders is beyond me. I keep waiting for a Hearing on the Benefits of Leaches and Witch Doctors.) The audio for this is included in the program 4 minutes.

DO read William Rivers Pitt's Post called "To My Mother" in Truthout, it is an excellent read and so well spoken about the latest GOP antics....

Marguarita Hibbs on FB has been forwarding a Petition for protecting Women's Access to Birth Control and Medical Care. Sign on and share this Link.
The wonderful Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity this week is really special. "“The Right Wing Is Taking Rights Away From Women, But Were They Really Using Them?” – M.O.C. #118( 4min) You must see more on his website and his link is in the Sidebar.
The Next part of the Show I try to give OCCUPY and 99 Percenters doing amazing work a Shout and some attention. It is also a way of Occupying Compassion, sharing and helping each other.

(2) FREAK OUT NATION BY JANE DOE- @anonmaly100
(3) Tim Corrimal Show, @timcorrimal on Twitter
(4) David Pakman Show, @davidpakmanshow ( His latest with Interview of Elizabeth Warren is a Must See. )
(5) Denise Romano 's Book is called the HR Toolkit and is available via McGraw Hill and is written to help people be empowered when battling Workplace Issues.
Please do follow her on Twitter @deniseromano
(6) 7 Habits of Highly Frugal People.
(7) Really beautiful post about 43 yr old Anthony Shadid's death last week in Syria. We have lost a wonderful journalist.
(8) Local Cleveland @mildlyrevelant does a great news segment -do check him out.
(9) @KeithSmooth ( Keith Balmer ) his latest post, Really insightful post, "Down The Lonely Dark Road Of Addiction" ( and yes it is about Whitney Houston and her death.)
(10) Paul Krugmans'Post at Alternet about the Europe's leader's tanked it's Economy through moralizing and the austerity Fantasy...

(1) On Facebook : Do see the "Occupy Wall Street Online Family
(2) In a 325-Page SEC Letter, Occupy's Finance Gurus Take on Wall Street Lobbyists Think the Occupy movement is just a bunch of dirty hippies? Well, keep reading.

(3) I have a very sad, frustrating update to read regarding Arturo Lo Santos, I will read the latest update. ( Occupy LA and Occupy Riverside and other Occupy Groups in CA are trying to fight Chase and Freddie Mac are trying to help this ex marine keep his home).
College Campuses are starting to focus on Tuition Strikes, and that is including schools all over including Florida, California, Oregon and Canada. Also Certain States are looking at Strikes and Protests focused on Our Profitable Prison System. So check with your area and see what is going on....

(5) #OccupyCompassion of the Week:
Hope4Women Org,that is helping women in impoverished nations, so it is about women helping women, but is also about helping little girls as well. They have started a project making dresses from pillowcases, really inspiring story and it's helping women and little girls in other countries have Self Esteem.
Ninety Nine Ways to Give:::
(1) Support Work for Americans, This is an American company that makes only American products, shipping here and also hiring American Workers, Manchester Wood is focused on its workers and it's products.
(2) Beagle Freedom Project is saving dogs from being Pharmaceutical Guinea pigs. Learn more, and give if you can.


This Week's guest at 2:30PM is Reverend Ladonna Blaylock a known,loved respected figure here in Cleveland. She is working to improve lives of women here in Cleveland and has many projects ongoing that are focusing on Women and their living conditions and self esteem. In light of the recent ongoing attacks on Women's Rights I am having her on to discuss Women, as well as ongoing projects of her organization of GBG. ( The organization is Goddesses Blessing Goddesses is working to improve lives of women and help them reclaim and refocus their lives.
Music for the Show::
Music at the Start of the Show is by MamaShine 99%" For What it is Worth" ( remake/remix for the 99% of the Classic Buffalo Springfield song.)


Music this week is by TruNDeed and Sanara. I know Sanara Pippins and she offered this song, as it's inspiring , hopeful, truthful. "Gotta Believe".

Political Song of the Week " Mutt Romney Sings the Blues" (Brave New Films)

Mitt Loves Trees...Political Humor...Not Wisdom
Art : "Woman Looking in the Mirror" by Faith Ringgold 1966
And a Special Message to Mr.Foster Freize, I am too ladylike to tell you where you can stick your Aspirin.
Occupy Amazing....

Occupy is still waking people up, making them think, work for change, create is still a global movement...And yes, Winter in some ways has quieted the movement on some fronts...But Spring is Coming....Really Beautiful video...share it. Occupy Compassion.


Enigma4ever said...

### For Immediate Release ###
2/20/12 Riverside CA
Contact Jeff Green 951-233-2903
Occupy Riverside and ACCE will meet at the De Lo Santos' home 2370 Layton Court Riverside 92503 for a 5:30 pm press conference on Monday and at 5:30 am on Tuesday in anticipation of the sheriff's arrival to help keep the family in their home. Art De Lo Santos was arrested on Thursday the 16th at the offices of Freddy Mac for refusing to leave the bank until someone there would talk to him about his home. Chase, the mortgage servicer has washed their hands of Art's case after profiting from the foreclosure at the expense of investors who bought the mortgage backed securities. Art, who can make the payments, is as good a customer as any who would buy the home at a much lower price at a foreclosure auction. Why is the 85% taxpayer owned Freddy Mac acting against the interest of the taxpayers buy not letting Art pay his loan if they will make less by selling into this deflated market? Please join us at 5:30 on Monday and at 5:30 am on Tuesday where we will have several occupiers spending the night Monday night to ensure we have a big group greeting the sheriff.

ACCE will also be canvassing the neighborhood around 1:00 on Monday afternoon, asking neighbors to support Arturo by contacting the mayor and city council folk.

Monday 5:30 pm
Tuesday 5:30 am

We are the 99%. So are you.

Enigma4ever said...

Another find for women, a show by Elaine Holtz on FB, she has her own show called, Woman's Spaces,,