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The 99 Report Radio Show for Friday Feb10 at 2PM : Focus on Women's Health, Breast Cancer, and Health Care Provided by Planned Parenthood

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As Women we all have been watching the KOMEN Planned Parenthood Battle. I think many of us as Women feel that Women's health is under attack by the GOP. And the KOMEN grant issue threw it all into focus quickly, spotlighting what happens when a Political Agenda enters the realm of actual Health Care. So this Month as the First Month of the 99 Report Radio Show, one of my main focuses here is Health Issues, and at this point Women's Health needs our attention.

I do have a Guest coming on this episode to share her Breast Cancer Story and you will quickly learn why Mammograms at Free Clinics and Planned Parenthood are so critical in this Economy. My Guest is Kathleen Bird, this post in the Times of Trenton about KOMEN by Kathleen Bird, really tells it like it is....but also reveals her own very personal Breast Cancer Battle. I am going to let her tell her Story and then open up the Lines so folks can share their Breast Cancer Stories and Planned Parenthood Stories.

***** The Guest Kathleen Bird will come on another show....she needed more time to recover from Surgery...we need to send her our good thoughts as she starts her cancer battle**********

Link to the Blog Talk 99 Report Radio Show , Show Starts at Friday 2PM and Interview will start approximately at 2:15PM I will take calls after the Interview with our Guest Kathleen Bird, First I want her to be able to share her story with us and be heard. And then after that I will be opening up the phone lines Call in number to speak with host and share (646) 564-9906.
Kathleen Bird is a former mayor and member of the Hopewell Township Committee, state government communications professional and an award-winning journalist. She is currently unemployed, uninsured and homeless. She will stay with friends until her cancer treatment is completed. Reach her at KathleenHpwll@aol.com. ( She is having surgery this week, on Thursday, but she does want to do the show if she is able.)
{1} Earlier this week on Sunday Awopradio Perry @Mommapolitico in her Kitchen Table Politics segment about Komen and the Planned Parenthood Battle, and there is an excellent post and she also presented other fine Organizations that support raise funds for Breast Cancer. (Snippet Below is all from @Mommapolitico's post last Sunday on Kitchen Table Politics at Awopradio.

(1) Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (they use a hot pink, a magenta so they don’t get sued by Komen!) They also have a great link that tells where the money goes in each community that raises it.

(2) The American Cancer Society The original group fighting breast and other cancers. Check out the bottom of the page, a list of links of ways to contribute. Can’t help with cash? How about donating those air miles you never get around to using?
National Breast Cancer Foundation A highly-rated charitable foundation, they’ve partnered with many companies to use their products to support the cause.

(4) Y-ME Breast Cancer Support 24-7 hotline manned by women who have survived cancer, available to talk to women fighting breast cancer. 1-800-221-2141. Their statement:

{2} MsLori 's website also has 5 More Sites that are raising funds for Research and Breast Cancer Care, And is very helpful, it has 3 Organizations that get very little public attention.
{3} Article about PINK RIBBONS the Documentary coming out and the Pink Ribbon Charities....and how their fundraising tactics may have not only raised funds but taken advantage of women's fears and concerns....


{4} What Breast Cancer Is and Is Not, a Message for KOMEN from a Courageous Breast Cancer Survivor.....

{5} And Finally I wanted to share Stephen Dimmick with you, he has a Blog and also presents daily videos, and he is a Make Up Artist, but he also helps people learn to be good to themselves and feel better about themselves,his blog is an Oasis,
it is a place to go to feed the soul. It is a good place for Women with Cancer and any Illnesses or Conditions to learn to cope and feel better with the Physical Challenges that they face and still feel good about themselves. His videos help women reclaim the Beauty inside....
And finally Planned Parenthood still needs our support and also please do go to their website and see the section about Mammograms and Cancer Screenings. Remember they also are helping women with their healthcare needs , including Pap Smears and Cervical Cancer Screenings.

Ezra Klein this week reposted with this great chart WHAT Planned Parenthood DOE and Doesn't do...be sure to share with friends...and others, remember to be sure to set them straight on the Actual funds spread on Abortion Less than 3%, and no Federal funds, they provide so much Healthcare for Million of Women...
There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. ~~Washington Irving
I lovingly dedicate this show to my Grandmother Flo...my Mimi, who went through so much and was diagnosed too late....my first Hospice patient while I was in Nursing School....I still miss her....Breast Cancer is a horrible disease....We all have women in our lives , we need to make sure that all women have access to the Best Medical Care Possible and remind those you love that Mammograms can save Lives.....

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