Monday, February 13, 2012

Lee Camp....A New Contributor to the 99 Report

I am beyond grateful, Lee has offered us his insights, his rants, his wisdom, so once a week I will include them on the #99Report. And today we are going to talk with him a bit, hear more about his works and comedy and his Book.Lee Camp is a stand-up comic. ...Sometimes people make him write things too. He was recently on Showtime's series "The Green Room with Paul Provenza" along with Roseanne and Bob Saget - watch that below. He is a Contributor to The Onion, creator of "Moment of Clarity," performed at a dozen Occupy encampments in the US and Canada, been on Showtime's "The Green Room," "Good Morning America," Comedy Central, and others... He was called one of the best New Faces at the Montreal Comedy Festival; he ran for president on Comedy Central's "Fresh Debate '08"; and he's done comedic commentary on PBS, E! network, SpikeTV, MTV, and ABC's "Good Morning America." He's featured in the new bestseller "Satiristas!" with the likes of George Carlin, Bill Maher, and Stephen Colbert. Lee also provided a catharsis for millions of people when he went live on Fox News and called the network a "parade of propaganda and a festival of ignorance." Sign up for Lee's e-mails and check out his tour schedule, audio clips, and videos at ( You can also follow him on Twitter @leecamp).

( This Write up is From Mike Desafano's website....and you can read more here and his BIO on his website and do see the Video from Kelly Carlin...and personally he really does remind me of George Carlin.....)

(1) More on his BIO ( or here )

(2) Read More about his Book Moments of Clarity ( And you can also order it on Amazon.

(3) And also go to his Web Series is wonderful....

(4) Go SEE LEE LIVE...Tomorrow Night, Saturday Night 10 PM at the Bowery in NYC he is recording his New CD....

(5) Every week I will be adding his Moments of Clarity to the Show...Go to his Website and see Episode 117 " We Are Nothing" It is Moving, riveting, Funny and touching...And damn Truthful....Next Week it will be part of the Show...Lee is Waking Folks Up and Touching hearts and making all of us Think Harder....
Here is Lee Camp recently on Showtime's series "The Green Room with Paul Provenza" along with Roseanne,Sandra Bernhard and Bob Saget - watch that here :

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