Friday, February 3, 2012

99 Report for First Week February ....( Feb3rd and Feb5th)

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First 99 Report Radio show is on February 3 , 2-3 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio
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This is the very first 99 Report Show, It will air on Fridays on BlogTalkRadio 2-3 PM. ( Eventually I will be adding another hour 3-4 PM for Callers to call in about Jobs, and sharing concerns. There are no shows where people can Share and Network for Jobs, and I want to somehow offer that.) The Show is an extension of the 99 Report from Sundays, focusing on Issues of the 99%, and also giving a Voice for the 99 %. The same issues will be the focus, UnEmployed, UnderEmployed, Healthcare, Foreclosure, Student Debt, VET issues, etc. I also will be adding Occupy reports from sites and focusing on issues relating to Occupy including Legal reports and Police Brutality issues.

The First Show was focused on Healthcare Issues of the Week Susan G.Komen VS Planned Parenthood. Sadly this week we watched a known respected Charity slam Planned Parenthood by cancelling Grants to Planned Parenthood that are used for Cancer Screening. SGK claims that this decision was made due to a witch hunt phoney congressional Right Wing Congressional Investigation, yet most people recognize that it was a Decision that was Politically Driven. There was a massive uproar on the Internet, via Twitter and Facebook and Blogs, and the Reaction was quick and effective. Within 48 hours SGK regretted their decision and issued a reversal. It's important that folks spread the word about Planned Parenthood and their longtime work. For over 80 years they have cared for millons of women. 70% of the Women they provide care and services are Working Poor, and Planned Parenthood provides healthcare to women, reproductive care and other healthcare services. 17% of PP's services include Cancer Screening, 8 % other Healthcare Services. It is time that people recognize and advocate for the Health Services that PP provides ( cancer screening, prenatal care, infection testing, STD/AIDS/HIV screening and testing, hormonal therapy, as well as post natal care and services. is WIC). The Best Article on this issue is by Lizz Winstead in The Guardian Is a Must Read and Share.

(1) 2010 Fact Sheet on Planned Parenthood
(2) Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet
Hunger in America is a real issue, in spite of the GOP making disparaging remarks about Food Stamps in America. Jan.29th 99 Report was focused on Food Stamps, 49 Million On Food Stamps, with 70% Working Poor needing the Food Stamps Program. If anything with so many UnEmployed and UnderEmployed in America, the Mininum wage structure really needs to be re-evaluated.

Ann Fuller was my First Guest, I had her on to discuss their Family's situation fighting Brain Cancer for the past four years with their son AJ who is nine. I wanted her to be able to share about Living and fighting Childhood Cancer every day, and their family is now pursuing a new Gene treatment that is available in Texas. As AJ is now being treating for new tumor sites including in his abdoman, lymph nodes and bone, the family is really trying to explore all options for AJ, who is really a very remarkable little boy. The Fuller Family and raising money for Texas.... Ann and Adam are a Military Family and their little boy AJ has been fighting a very rare Brain Cancer for over 4 years, and Awopradio folks helped give this family a Christmas, I am speaking up on their behalf again as they pursue a New Treatment down in Texas. ( This link is to the post I wrote about them in December, it has links to the Mom Ann's post about this treatment. ) I will post their ADDRESS in the COMMENTS if you wish to send them financial help or even just cards of good cheer.

Here is a Fundraising Site for the Fullers and AJ that is easy to use ( similiar to PayPal).
Music by MamaShine "For What It's Worth"

John Clark " Hope In Hard Times"


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Hala Moddelmog, Chief Executive Officer & President—$456,437
Annetta Hewko, VP, Global Strategies & Programs—$343,013
Kimberly Earle, Chief Operations Officer & Secretary—$327,754
Marianne Alciati, VP, Research & Scientific Affairs—$240,248
Justin Ricketts, Chief Information Officer—$219,711
Mark Nadolney, Chief Financial Officer—$205,174
Susan Carter-Johns, VP, Strategic Relations—$202,273
Jonathan Blum, General Counsel & Secretary—$200,797
Eric Winer, Chief Scientific Advisor—$190,548
Wendeline Jongenburger, VP, Affiliate Relations—$182,734
Diana Rowden, VP, Survivorship & Outcomes—$179,951
Katrina McGheeGlobal Business Division—$178,507
Pamela Stevens, Director, DC Communications—$178,106
Elizabeth Thompson, Medical & Scientific Affairs—$169,706
Emily Callahan, Global Marketing & Network—$167,814
David Dawson, Director, Solution Delivery—$154,972
Nancy MacGregor, VP, Global Networks—$138,750