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99 Report for Sunday January 29th, 2012 for @Awopradio Show : Truthtelling and Focusing on Hunger In America and Food Stamps

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."~~
Mother Teresa

Educating the GOP Leaders and each other about Our Economic Challenges: Today's Focus : Food Stamps and Food Insecurity:: ....
In Recent Debates Newt and Other Candidates have been calling the President the Food Stamp President, they have been bashing President Obama and his administration for the Current Food Stamp Program ( which has been improved under this President). They are not only bashing the President, they also are bashing those on Food Stamps. Now it needs to be pointed out that in the 30's Most people did reach out to their fellow neighbors, it opened up the rise of Soup Kitchens and also even ordinary housewives began to pay workmen , "Hobo's " with food. Now we are living through another era of Economic Struggle, and the GOP insists on degrading those that are Hungry ? Let's Look at the Facts:

(1) 1 in Six is on Food Stamps today ( the Numbers vary from 48 to 49 Million). ( The Disparity occurs if Military Families and WIC families are added to the Numbers). 1:4 Children go to bed hungry. The Rise in Food Stamp Recipients rose during the Last 2 years of the Busb Presidency, and is directly driven by the Job Situation in this country. The Real Story is that most on Food Stamps are suffering Food Insecurity not because they are NOT working, but because they are working low wage jobs. If anything it is an indictment of our Minimum Wage Structure that does not cover ANY necessities from food to shelter. And if you examine the Service Sector there are many that serve this country, as teachers, waiters, and at grocery stores who are on Food Assistance. 70% of those on Food Stamps are Working,Working hard, and are Working Poor.

Originally the Food Stamp Program was set up to SUPPLEMENT diet, it was never to be used as the SOLE source of food. Yet today most people on Food Stamps have no other source of food. And another thing to note is that the Food Stamp Numbers do not include WIC Numbers. Another population that is sorely lacking proper nutrition is our Elderly. And another section of the population that is Food Insecure is our College Students, and I know this as I see them frequently at Food Banks and also at the Dollar Store.

(1) Really astoundingly well written article about WHO is on Food Stamps in this Country from Washington Post, and I encourage folks to share with GOP reps and take to debates and Town Halls and educate our Leaders this Election Cycle.

(2) Mother Jones took it a step further and graphed it out, WHO gets Food Assistance. Now please note that this chart is about Non Institutionalized Civilian Assistance. It does NOT recognize the Military families that get assistance.

Feeding America is working hard to remind people to give to their local food banks, as giving drops off after the holidays. Matt Damon has done this new video on Hunger in America. 1/ 6 are hungry, 1/4 children are hungry. 49 Million Are still on Food stamps, and contrary to the Republican foolishness, many are working poor. Many that work at grocery stores and restaurants are on Food stamps.

Things all of us can do to work on the Food Insecurity Issues...and also take care of our own families.

(1) If you and your family are really struggling to meet food needs. Do Check the SNAP program in your state and see if you qualify. Especially if you have children under the age of 5 see if you Qualify for WIC which does supplement Protein and Vitamins in diets. IF you have an elderly neighbor that you know is not eating right, do check out Meals on Wheels for them ( the meals are economical and nutritionally sound and are delivered.) Also do check the Food Banks in your area and see if you can get basic food stuff items ( ie Rice, potatoes, some fresh food as well).

(2) Do check for stores that can save large amounts of cash per month. IE. Aldi where such items are on sale like frozen foods, TP and basic items at much lower rate than some of the nicer markets. Also Dollar Stores are full of good deals, from TP and Hygiene products to pasta, rice,beans and dried goods and baking goods.

(3) IF you live near a local market and you know that your neighborhood is facing economic challenges ( ie high foreclosure rates), do go to that market and advocate on behalf of families and elderly and ask that they set up a dollar section or reduced Produce Section. ( I did this at two local markets and I know it can make a huge difference , it also keeps aged fruits and vegetables from being tossed). Also encourage that they set up Food Bins so that food can be donate to Local Food Banks.

(4) Encourage your local market to have Farmer's Markets in the Summer, it provides local farmers a place to share and also encourages better eating and better food for lower prices. ( It tends to be very fresh as well).

(5) Do have a garden if possible, even hanging gardens and container gardens can supplement a diet. On the top of this page is my garden from last summer, and yes, for very little money I made that garden. I found all the containers and painted , repaired them. I grew all kinds of vegetables and herbs and spent very little with 5-6 months of food from that garden. ( would have been more except neighborhood critters got greedy). But anyone can have a garden, and I encourage roof top and neighborhood community gardens.

(5) "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."~~Mother Teresa I encourage alot of Large Soups...because you can feed your neighbors too. ( and do take fresh food and Soups to your Occupy Site...they need it.)

(7) Lastly I am setting up a Dollar Store Cookbook and blog and I will try to Post a new Recipe every week as part of the 99 Report. And if anyone has a Recipe to Contribute please find me on Twitter or on Facebook or leave a message here on this blog or Watergate Summer.
Food for Thought....About Our American History.....
If we look at our own History of our Country, in times of War and Economic Hardship we still managed to Create Jobs, Infrastructure and take care of our own. This is the First time in our History, due to Gross Greed and bloated Corporate Profits that the Rich have been so coddled by Government Leaders ( GOP etc) and the Media. And it is time to start Truthtelling. Do read this Telegraph Article that has photos from the 30's and 40s showing growth in spite of Economic Plight.
(Video made in 2008) Homelessness.... I made this with Agit-Diaries Mandt in 2008, after years of watching Bush Pillage our Economy.At this point it bears repeating we don't just have Hungry People we have Homeless people and people who need Shelter. 600-900,000 VETS on the street per Night. We also have up to 3.5 Million Homeless per year in our Country, while 18.5 Buildings and Homes are EMPTY.

Something Beyond Awesome that Needs to be Shared.

Chimes of Freedom by Bob Dylan....ALL Proceeds go to Amnesty International's Work.
And Finally a Message to all that follow the #99Report. I am taking the 99 Report one step further. It will still be part of the Awopradio Show, but I am also adding a 99 Report Show on Friday Afternoons on Blogtalkradio, it will still focus on all the same issues that I bring here. I will also be adding More Occupy Updates from Occupy Sites, and interviews with the sites. I need to again acknowledge that all that I bring to these reports are issues of the 99 Percent that Occupy has helped highlight. I will also have Interviews and shared reports from other 99 percenters, so that stay tuned for that evolving part of the show. The First official 99 Report Show is this Friday February 3rd at 2PM.
I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?~~Mother Teresa

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