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99 Report for Awopradio Show January 8th, 2012: Occupying Foreclosures, Homelessness, VET Issues and #FreeUniversity Due to Student Debt....

As Awopradio moves to it's new Home on USTREAM and it's new format, 99 Report will be expanding in the next month to a full half hour at the beginning of the show. As the Occupy Movement really starts focusing Actions on Problem Solving and Increased Attention on Issues affecting the 99 % I am grateful to Kim the Host for allowing more Coverage. My goal is to cover Occupy Actions, WHY these actions are happening, but also the Data and Background of Different 99% Agonies that are not getting News Coverage and Should be. I also will always try to include What Help is Available to ease Situations and What Occupy Sites are working on Which Issues. I am also covering these 99 Issues, because the Media and the GOP Debates are not talking about them at all......

This Week's 99 Report is focusing on 3 Areas ::
Vet Issues related to Foreclosure & Homelessness& Jobless

(1) VET Issues : Homelessness and Foreclosure Issues ( and Help that they need to know about and needs to be shared). Many of the Occupy Sites are focusing on Homelessness and the Foreclosure Crisis. Some of the Sites are also looking at the Questionable Tactics being used against Homeowners in the Foreclosure Process. I am bringing up an Added Insterest to share with Occupy Sites that needs Closer Scrutiny, including Our Military Members Serving overseas facing Foreclosure and coming home to Lost Homes. One of the first Occupy Cleveland people I met was a Vet who had lost his home while serving Overseas. So tonight I am presenting some data on this issue, as it needs closer Examination and News Coverage.

According to the Data and Articles located the stats vary widely,but 25,000 Serving Vets lost their homes due to Foreclosure in 2010,and of that Number 5,000 while serving, meaning they came home to NO HOME. The past five years 10-25,000 lost homes per year. That means during the last 5 years of Battles being fought in 2 war zones, that anywhere from 90-120,000 Vets lost Homes during the Foreclosure Crisis. I have included the Links at end of this post about the Congressmen that have launched an Investigation into this situation. And I think it is fine that Congress should be aware and working on this situation, but I am clueless why the DOJ and Holder are not working on it. I encourage folks to write to BOTH for the sake of our Military serving and VETS, and their families.

Homelessness ( since it is Wintertime and is part of the Foreclosure Crisis and Why Occupy is taking Care of Thousands of Homeless....)

(2) Homelessness
This This Crooks and Liars Article will take your breath away, but is a Must read.... 3.5 Million Homeless and 18.5 Million Vacant Homes in the US. ( And if the Homeless Stats are correct, that also does mean that the 600,000 to 900,000 Vets Homeless on the Streets at night may indeed be accurate.) Do read the Crooks&Liars article by Diane Sweet, it is sobering....And if OCCUPY in in your town is working on Foreclosure Issues, or Occupying Banks etc, give them a hand. Or also give help to your local Homeless Shelters....and Soup Kitchens. As my neighbor said, " This is like the 30's only there should be Soup Kitchens."

(3) Crushing Student Loan Debt
I have included links to articles below about the Crushing Student Loan Debt, and as we have Default and Student Loan folks coming on the show later in the month, I think it helps to start reading up on it now. On another note many of the Occupy Sites are focusing on this issue and have started giving Teach Ins about the Debt and what to do. They also have acknowledged that many are not able to go to college right now due to the Loans Situation and The Student Loan Situation ( as well as Cuts in PELL Grants). So Different Occupy Sites including Berkley,Phoenix, and Philly and Others are adding Occupy #FreeUniversity to their Schedules, we need to support this effort and spread the word, and hopefully as it gets more organized we can invite them on the show.
(1) Help for VETS is availabled at this site, National Coalition for the Homeless VETS, the stats on this site are not accurate, but there is help listed there, as well as workshops, job fairs etc.
(2) More than 8% of all Homessless are Vets, and the stats may even be higher as the VETS are not known for accessing services, from food to shelter, and PTSD also may be limiting who is getting services and care. This PDF does have some worrisome numbers though.National Homeless Org is trying to track their numbers.
(3) More from Think Progress on Homeless VET, again more analysis of the growing numbers needs to be examined.
As of Saturday Night...will be adding more stats/links/articles......
(1) It's been One Year since Tuscon and Gabby Giffords Shooting, and 12,000 more dead.....Please see this site about Fixing our Gun Laws, Do Write and Call DC......and Honor Gabby....
(2) Oakfosho is headed to NYC 1/13 and DC do keep pestering the Young Turks Show and Keith and Current about his West Coast Reporting of Occupy...and huge shout out to him for his reporting last nite as well. On another note he is going to DC after NYC to Occupy Congress on the 17th.
(3) Please keep supporting the Fuller Family in KY with cards, prayers, money and hope....thank you. The Fuller Family are an amazing family who are coping with more challenges for AJ and even just a little extra money goes a long way to help with medical expenses and more trips to the hospital for AJ as they have to drive to Tennessee for care.

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