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99Report for Awopradio for January 15th,2012

If you have never seen this speech, you must see it, it's just 2minutes from March 25th, 1965.I think if MLK would alive he would embrace the Occupy Movement.
MLK // Occupying the Dream,,
Black Churches to Energize Occupy::
By Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News
05 January 12

The mission, which is being called "Occupy the Dream," will start on Monday, January 16, 2012, in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday holiday. On that day, Dr. Ben Chavis announced recently during a press conference at the National Press Club, pastors who are part of the Occupy the Dream movement will connect with the well-known Occupy Wall Street group to hold protests at Federal Reserve banks in 10 cities around the nation.

The strategy will be to raise the consciousness level of African-Americans, starting in church pulpits, by spreading the message of income equality, economic justice and empowerment, leading up to the January 16 events. "It starts in the pulpit and then we're going to go to the community at large," he said.

Led by Dr. Ben Chavis, civil rights leaders announced the formation of Occupy the Dream, an organization to mobilize Americans around the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who sought to wage war on poverty, unemployment and economic injustice. Dr. Chavis announced that the first major march of Occupy the Dream would also take place on Martin Luther King Day, January 16, in Washington, DC.

Van Jones Site, ( supporting Occupying the Dream raising money for #occupy sites) and New site, Rebuild the Dream,Do go to his website and see the work he is doing supporting and advocating for causes that are being voiced by Occupy. There is controversy,but to be honest I personally am grateful that Van Jones is recognizing the Occupy Movement....
Bill Burton's Priorities Action.Org
Bill Burton,, Priorities Action.Org, is really spotlighting alot of issues that so many Occupy Sites have brought up.....worth checking out. ( Bill Burton was formerly with the Obama Administration Press Office, and his work now with Priorities.Org is inspiring and worth watching and supporting.

#OccupyingChurches, has begun in NYC, 150 people now being housed at churches WSJ is covering this, Jessica Firger's article on this newest developement shows that Compassion in Action is making a difference, and the churches are now stepping up to help the Movement and the protesters, showing wisdom and courage and compassion.

Herb Miller, the pastor at Park Slope United Methodist, opened his small church to protesters about two weeks after they were ejected from Zuccotti on Nov. 15. About 30 have slept there each night since. "I mapped out with my administrative assistant how many bodies we could fit on the floor," said the 51-year-old pastor.

He said he has the full support of his congregation and called the effort "radical hospitality." "You have this sacred space cordoned off, but it's also made sacred by the people," Pastor Miller said.

West Park's pastor, Robert Brashear, said the church had a long tradition of supporting activism, having launched a program for gays, bisexuals and transsexuals and founding the charity God's Love We Deliver.

"Occupy Wall Street is simply carrying on the tradition of what this church has been for decades," said Mr. Brashear, the church's pastor for 15 years.

Update from Occupy Tampa, Show the Video of the New Camp, Donated land,, they have a dog that is injured and they need help, So please do go to their site if you can and help. On another note we learned from John Clark. This week that they have now set up a beautiful encampment with Tents at a donated site that is very organized and clean with walkways, meals and services to meet the needs of those there. Really watch the Video.


#Report from #OccupyLouisville KY from @OlToughDude
He says that the 99% are very United at the Encampment at 5th adn MuhammedAli, heart of Downtown, Do See the OccupyLouisville.Org Site for info. and ongoing work.They also are at @OccupyLou and they now have a Media Tent, Kitchen, Cook, GA indoor and Outdoor. and Education Forums-in a City Buiding, and University of Louisville, and also Direct Action at Banks and restaurants.They now have 20 tents and working groups. The also are working on Foreclosures ( do see their web Forum Board for more information.

Matt Beiber Arrested at Romney Event , Matt's Post, his post, is really quite chilling as he was first removed from a Romney Event, and then proceeded to be arrested. There are many questions as to why this happened this past Monday January 9th. Matt is a Divinity Student of Harvard. When you read his account, ask yourself are Candidates allowed to hire on Duty Police for their own security ? Are they allowed to have citizens arrested ? Matt is going to be on the show to discuss his situation, and what happened. If anyone knows Lawyers that might be interested in this case, please do have them listen in as well.

His Letter to Mr.Romney is very well written and should be shared far and wide.

His Reflections really are worth reading to better understand his perspective and questions about this arrest.

About Matt , he studies politics, religion, and public discourse at Harvard's Kennedy and Divinity schools. He's drafted speeches for Vice President Biden and crafted communications strategies for NGOs in East Africa. He also spent two-and-a-half years in the corporate sector.
Occupy Congress is This Week on January 17th . Thousands are trying to get to DC this Week for Occupy the Congress and the Courts.

Huge Shout Outs to @OccupyNH @OakfoSho @FluxRostrum @Greg Mitch ( Greg Mitchell has been doing amazing job covering Occupy) and @OccupyPhilly @OccupyCleveland @OccupyPitts @OccupyLA @M_shocked @JohnClarkBaker

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