Sunday, December 18, 2011

99 Report Awopradio Sunday December 18th....."The Bush Depression"

My Question for the Week:
Why Aren't we calling this Bush's Depression. ? Bush spent two years pretending we were not in a Recession , ignoring it , and then bottom fell out in Summer of 2008. ( Remember the Reporters were not even allowed to say the "R" word). Meanwhile Bush gave Many corporations and rich individuals tax breaks, all of this contributed to this Economic Situation. And yet in the Debates Bush or his Damage are not mentioned. And yet it's Christmas and we have kids sitting on Santa's Lap asking for a "Home" or a "Job for Daddy? "

And these are the Numbers for the Wars that the Bush Regime waged:
Cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom: $806 billion Projected total cost of veterans’ health care and disability: $422 billion to $717 billion.

Business Insider has more stats about Vets, from Prison rates to Suicide. ( Suicides are at 18 /day, 600,000 Vets Sleep on the Street per night, 29% Unemployment Rate, 236,000 Vets home from Warzones Jobless, and 26,000 Military serving lost their homes last year in foreclosure. The Wars have hurt this country, especially Our Own Military and their families.

One in Two People are Low Income....NPR...good read.
Update on #OccupyCleveland
(1) How they helped to try to stop an Eviction in Orwell ( and it did get media coverage via Newsnet5 and MSNBC).
I was going to go and take photos and video , even had press passes ready, but got sick as a dog all week. ( Post will be up later tonight).
(2) They are now looking to occupy an empty office building downtown ( there are plenty, I am still putting together my photo montage, if anyone can help me do a Video for Youtube I really need lessons).
More on Another aspect of the Bush years : Bank Failures
(1) Really Interesting Article on the Bank Failures and what led to them in the last decade, and how it's a bigger under reported mess than we know. 88 Billion Dollar Mess....yet why aren't we seeing Banking Regulations examined , reinstated ? and why aren't there JD investigations about these Banking 's Behaviors ?
Who in the 99 Percent can we Help this week ?
(1) I have a post up below about the Fuller Family down in Kentucky and their battle with cancer, AJ is nine and they really are battling it, for over 4 years. Dad serves our country and is for now stationed in KY. Please help me help them have a Christmas, driving to Nashville for AJ's cancer care is really hurting their budget, read more here how you can help. They are a really wonderful Family.
Other #99 Reports :
(1) Foreclosures And Homelessness and Displaced families really are a bigger problem than we can truly appreciate.
(2) Stats to Share with Family Over Holidays and the Stats really tell the story of Working Poor, and our vanishing Middle Class. We need to really educate people.
(3) Poverty ( especially Children) Is another aspect that needs our focus as the Economy has really effected our Children. This Christmas do try to give to Charities that are really working with Children. Salvation Army and Feeding America.
(4) Suicide Prevention tips, I mention this as it has been helpful on Twitter. Sadly due to the economy the Suicide rates are up, and also Vet Suicide rates are at 18 /day.

FDR talking about People who didn't support his efforts on Social Security and Care of the Poor.....really interesting Parallels to the Republicans of today and their lack of concern for the Poor and Middle Class in this for Thought.
"Merry Christmas Here's your Orange" a story about the Christmases during the Great Depression in the Plain Dealer in 2008
My Video..."Another World is Possible"

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