Sunday, December 11, 2011

99 Repot Help Zone Dec 11, 2011

(1) First please do head over to Rump Roast and learn how you can help with the fundraiser for Strangeappar8us , it's a serious situation and if we all help it will make a difference.
(2) Do send good thought s, prayers and Light to Xeni Over at Boing Boing as she is newly diagnosed and battling Breast Cancer.
(3) Please Do check back I have information about an Situation of a Family who has been helping their child battle Cancer ( AJ) and we need to find ways to help them. ( Twitter friend @ohthesweet forwarded this info) This is the Family's Homepage, where you can learn more about how to help the Fuller Family.
(4) Salvation Army is really helping families in need this Christmas from food to warm clothes to bedding to Christmas Gifts for children and families, please do support their work. And then there is Feeding America DO contact them in your area they do so much with so little, and every little bit helps.

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