Sunday, November 27, 2011

99 Report for Awopradio Sunday November 27th : Letter from NYC Protester's Mom

#OccupyCleveland NEEDS: Videocam and laptop ( theirs was stolen), also more winter wear, and they need visits, books, and company and do go down, they are wonderful folks. Every Sunday I give a 99 Report on Awopradio, this is the summary of that 15 minute report.::
(1) Best Video ever about Occupy called "One More Step" so beautiful, inspired by 84 yr old Dorli Rainey activist of Seattle.
(2) Letter by Protester's Mom Lorli Vest to Mayor Bloomberg and NYT about the Police Brutality. Please share this as of Nov27th still NO Newspapers have shared or printed this beautifully written letter.
(3) 99 Percent Blog has more to share about Occupy.
(4) #WhyWeOccupy : Sharing the Stats of the economic pain.
(5) The Full Length Video of "INSIDE JOB", narrated by Matt Damon has been making the rounds, and is a stunning film explaining the Economic Collapse and how the Corporate Greed and Ominous manuverings of the past 30 years brought us to this economic precipice, One of the finest documentary films I have ever seen.
(6) Please do help the OWS Zucotti Park Occupy as their Library was destroyed, learn more about where you can send books.

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