Monday, August 20, 2012

August 17th Show Guests: Candidate Sue Thorn, Dustin DeMoss, and Gayle Leslie

Please do Listen to this week's show as we interview Sue Thorn and hear from her as she runs for Congress in West Virginia. She is working hard to help the Working Folks of West Virgina. She is especially focused on the rights and health of the Miners and their families. Many issues will be discussed including Sue's WPA family history , Energy issues, Jobs, health care and more. Please do read more about at her extensive website and follow her calendar,

Second guest is Dustin DeMoss who is working with other Vets to start a Foundation that focuses on Remembering and Honoring those that have served. His American Hero Project is just starting and is also looking for Pro Bono Attorneys that could help with some of the legal issues and hurdles. This project is also to help the families find recognition for their loved ones. You can read more about the American Hero Project here,

And our final guest is Gayle Leslie who is a New York entrepreneur who is exploring ways to help businesses and individuals explore Branding and new PR strategies. You can find her on Facebook at GayleLeslieStrategies,

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