Thursday, April 5, 2012

99 Report 2PM Friday April 6th : Guests Mark Potok of Southern Poverty Law Center, and #ACA mom/advocate Lisa Hill

You can CLICK here to Listen to the 99 Report on BlogtalkRadio. This Episode is Mis-Labeled Thursday April 5th, but it was Aired Today Friday April 6th.

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At the Start of the Show at 2:05PM the 99 Report is honored to be joined by Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. We will be discussing Justice issues, including rise of Hate Crimes and Groups this decade, as well as the ongoing situation of the Trayvon Martin case ( and some of the bigger implications of this case that have national significance.) You can read more about Mark's lengthy career studying and writing on issues of Justice and Extremism. The Southern Poverty Law Center is doing amazing work around the country working on so many issues from tracking and educating on Hate Issues, Tolerance Teaching, and Human Rights and Justice. Do read the SPLC' website and more about their work.
Music Intermission from Greenville South Carolina dedicated to Trayvon Martin and his family. "No Justice, No Peace".Derrick "Blakheart" Goodwin and Jermisha Workman its pronounced as (Germ-esha). ( Song was sent to me last weekend and a Music Video is in production.)
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Lisa Hill is the 2nd Guest sharing her story about Affordable Care Act and how it helps her family and her children. ( Please see post below and see the Letter she was sent by Insurance Company. Her story is compelling and a reminder of why this Act helps many families. ( Do read the Quote in the Letter above about the HUGE quote she was given for care of $8000/month for health insurance for her family.)

(1) Laffy @gottalaff made this beautiful BLUNT video above this week dedicated to Trayvon Martin Situation,
Please do also go see the other wonderful BLUNT videos, on the YouTube Channel. And you can also follow on The Political Carnival.

(2) Center for American Progress about Voter Suppression.

(3) LIFE Lorraine Hotel Photos ( some never seen before), 44 years ago this week we lost MLK, these photos catch a place and a time worth honoring and remembering.....

(4)The Bush memo that Bush wanted detroyed and has been hidden...regarding Torture....your must read of the week.

(5) This Weekend is the 50th Anniversary of "To Kill a Mockingbird" . It's on USA network on Sunday Night to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary. ( Clip below is Gregory Peck as Atticus talking about Justice and Duty).

Lee Camp "Moment of Clarity" :: Why the Occupy Movement is More Important than Mitt Romney or Santorum....(3min)

Occupy Compassion :::
Read about Campaign for Care.Org and their campaign to help the Homeless in LA, and bring them bedding. It is a project that could be shared in so many cities to help the Homeless. Very inspiring.
CLOSE the Show with Singer /Parson's Student Tracee's Song from NYC :: "Change Gonna Come"
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."~~MLK

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