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99 Report for March 9th 2PM Blogtalkradio : Commentary by Lee Camp, Guest Denis Campbell on Austerity Measures in UK, and more....

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This week I have been pretty distracted worried as I found out our Lovely Xena is in Kidney Failure. I first must thank so many people via Blogland, Twitter and Facebook who left me advice, amazing messages and stories. For now we are focused on trying to make her comfortable. Her labs were so awful and she has been so sick that I don't know what will happen. Do read more of her story on Watergate Summer and you will understand why she is our Miracle Cat.But as this week was spent a good deal at the Vet, I learned a few things. (1) Shelters are overloaded with animals due to the Housing Foreclosure Crisis (2) There is Ash in our Animal Feed, is this contributing to Kidney disease in our pets ? I don't know but it is worth thinking about ( I have included an article on this issue). For many of us, Animals are family, they also are healing, Rescues also in many ways rescue us. So to everyone who sent us support,articles,love and Light I say Thank you.

Power of Five
(1) Petition to have Racist Judge Cebull Removed.
Federally Appointed Judge ( by Bush) sent a racist email to about the Obama's.In light of his lack of tolerance and his racism there are now petitions being shared to try to remove him. Petition Link here, please share. And if you want to read more about the email he sent you can read about it here.

(2)Alabama DNA Case. Thomas Arthur is the man whose Life hangs in the balance, and the Attorneys have the 1085 dollars that is needed for the DNA to be run, but the authorities are getting in the way. Please do also share the articles attached as well. This is not just a Death Penalty Case, this is also a case with some questionable manuvering, shoddy evidence procedures and miscarriage of justice. Except the Inmate is scheduled for Execution at the end of this month on the 29th, so any attention we can bring this case is very important. Later in the month we will be discussing Death Penalty issues here, and Mike Farrell has been invited on to discuss Abolition of the Death Penalty but also why more of these older cases that have DNA issues are not getting the scrutiny or review that is needed.

** More From Andrew Cohen's article in the Atlantic.

NYT article even points out that Alabama is in violation of International laws.

(3) ASH article actually explains all the Grain Foods that have "Ash" in them. My Dog got very sick last summer, and I switched her off all commercial food at that time. I actually make her food. ( And I seriously thinking of doing that for our cats now ).
Here is more about the Dietary issues in our cats and dogs, really examines what we are feeding them.

(4) Richard Engel reported from Fukushima this week , since the Anniversary is this Weekend. I encourage that folks do read about what happened there. The Coverage of Fukushima is really important. And to our Friends down in Georgia, in the Occupy Sites there they are starting to fight the NEW Nuke Plant that is planned there. It's called The Fallout, and an excellent piece what happens after a Nuclear Accident.

(5) The LINE Story ( it got no coverage except for Democracy Now). 5000 people lined up in NYC to demonstrate how big a problem it is to have Millions out of work, they said it is 14 million. Other sites are saying 29 Million when you include UnderEmployed or all that have been Unemployed under the Bush Depression. ( And yes that is what I am calling it). Democracy Now did cover The Line.

Occupy Updates
Around the country the 5th Month anniversary is coming up and sites are focused on different issues, from Student Debt to Housing and Foreclosure Justice to NDAA to SOPA ( or PIPA), to GITMO to Jobs. So do check with your site near you and see what they are working on. ( I am sorry I was not on Twitter or FB enough this week).

99 Ways to Give...
I have mentioned Stephen Dimmick before and I am mentioning him again, he is amazing. So I am giving this to you today, his website. This past week he did three must see videos, one on Self Esteem, another on Suicide and another on anger issues...He is really making folks think and learn to find their inner beauty.

SHOUT OUTS of the Week::
@WeActRadio out of DC you can listen to it on your Droid or iPhone with TuneIN Radio, all kinds of goodness Thom Hartman, Bill Press, Ring of Fire. And Nicole Sandler of RadioOrNot is on at 11PM, really great for bedtime listening. ( This week's show on the 7th on ADHD was excellent). Tim Corrimal's show hit 200 shows this week-so we wish him well. Also a huge thank you to @argylestyle for the VET wisdom this week.

FILM of the Week is "Bully", go to the website about the Bully Project, it is a film showing what is like for kids and young people that have been bullied. Its supposedly an in depth look, sadly it has been rated R due to language ( which is needed to tell the story).

Lee Camp MOC
This week was in many ways heartbreaking and mind bending so Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity #MOC is "We Are Nothing". ( I have also including two more bonus ones below. Please also do go to his Website on the Sidebar, and also remember he has a great book, and CD, and an upcoming tour of the UK this month).

Do also see his MOC this week about How to Make Congress act Ethically.
And be sure to go to as he also has new MOC up about the Occupy Anniversary.


Our Guest joins us again from across the Pond, a fine Journalist, Author Denis Campbell, @UKProgressive is another soul who keeps Twitter lively with his political insights and observations. He is known on Twitter as @UKProgressive, but he is also a renowned journalist working with ITN and Al Jezeera and BBC Wales, The Guardian and many other fine UK publications. During the Egypt Uprising he became one of the many to really track the Movement on Twitter. Yet he also was astutely tweeting American Politics. This year he was one of the first to recognize the strength of Twitter during the Egypt Uprising, and it is woven into his book "Egypt Unshackled" that has just come out. And taking it to the next step he has been tweeting and appreciating the Occupy Movement in a global sense. ( Denis was last on Awopradio show on 10.23.11 and also on Awopradio for the Egypt anniversary.) I am having him on the 99 Report to talk about the Austerity Measures in the UK ( which have some valuable lessons for our country, especially as the GOP keeps trying to bring them here as well).

(1) Cameron's maneuvering of DHS program ( The Guardian Jan.2012 by Denis Campbell)

(2) Great Website Covers global issues, UK, and even American Politics.

(3) Nine out of 10 Doctors Oppose the NHS Reform, Denis breaks it all down in this Guardian article.

Denis has set up a whole website about the book, how it was written and how the tweets are woven together, it is also a really valuable read for Occupy, as are the lessons of Egypt. And this Fine Book is our Book of the Week for the 99 Report.

*** Also he has a new E Book called "Lipstick on This Pig" which we will discuss and share on. ( Political Analysis of our Election Cycle is always appreciated).



Video and Song by One Eskimo....Occupy Amazing
Stand Up and Mean What We Say....Dave Dalton

"Hope in Hard Times" by John Clark of @OccupyTampa

‎"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."~~ Harriet Tubman

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